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Rahasyamay Patr ( रहस्यमय पत्र )

Author: रॉबिन शर्मा



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रहस्यमय पत्र, रॉबिन शर्मा..."The Secret Letters by Robin Sharma in Hindi:From One of the most widely read authors in the world comes a story of breathtaking power and dazzling suspense about what it means to be fully alive.Jonathan Landry is a man in trouble. After a bizarre encounter with his lost cousin Julian Mantle—a former high-powered courtroom lawyer who suddenly vanished into the Himalayas—Jonathan is compelled to travel across the planet to collect the life-saving letters that carry the extraordinary secrets that Julian discovered.On a remarkable journey that includes visits to the sensual tango halls of Buenos Aires, the haunting catacombs of Paris, the gleaming towers of Shanghai and the breathtakingly beautiful Taj Mahal in India, The Secret Letters of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari reveals astounding insights on reclaiming your personal power, being true to yourself and fearlessly living your dreams. "

  • Release Date:
  • Book Size: 1 MB
  • Language: Hindi
  • Category: Atmavikas

  • 2017-06-12 17:03:53.0

    B.k Sneha B.k Sneha

  • 2016-03-13 15:55:26.0


  • 2015-07-19 20:11:32.0

    Prashant Pandit


    Very very..... goooo...d book ( Khushiyal Jindagi Ka Sar ) Jo Insan khoobsurt sachhe jindagi ko jan leta hai aur use apne asal jindagi mai apnata hai aur logoko batata hai. Use ßuddh kahate hai.

  • 2014-05-04 09:25:17.0

    Ràkésh Ør Läñkä Yøñjåñ

  • 2014-05-04 08:53:13.0

    Vaishu Ughade

    Tathagat Budhha

  • 2014-04-11 22:20:44.0



    I like this

  • 2014-04-11 19:41:53.0

    Bk Bandre

    Jeevan Shaily ke Rog aur Yog. Hindi

    This book is practical handbook on yogatherapy with lifestyle modifications.Many peoples are doing yoga to cure their psychosomatic problems! but they do not get benefits because they do not what is real cause of problem.In this book fifty two problems of human being are solved by techiniqs which are very. simple to practice by patients. 40 years of writer's experience is worth to read In the cast of Rs 120/_Dr B K Bandre writer of this book is having degrees PhD D Lit in yoga from Device Ahilya University of India is a first person to obtain such higher education in yogatherapy and socialization in Allergy and Asthma.

  • 2014-04-11 19:35:39.0

    Pradeep Raj

  • 2014-04-10 21:07:41.0

    Abhas Choubey

    robin sharma at his best. loved this book


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