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Chacha Chaudhary Aani Crispichi Jaadoo ( चाचा चौधरी आणि क्रिस्पीची जादू )

Author: प्राण



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Maurice Horn, the editor of World Encyclopedia of Comics, has described cartoonist PRAN as Walt Disney of India. Entertaining generation after generation, his comics have been constant companion of every youngster's growing up, who regularly enjoy the exploits of his famous characters: CHACHA CHAUDHARY, SABU, SHRIMATIJI, PINKI, BILLOO, RAMAN and others. Over 600 titles selling in the market, his strips regularly appear in numerous newspapers. His CHACHA CHAUDHARY comics was adapted to make a TV serial which ran continously to 600 episodes on a premier channel. Travelled widely over the globe, he delivers lectures at International Conferences. He has been honoured with 'People of The Year Award' by Limca Book of Records for popularizing comics. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi released his comic book 'United We Stand' in 1983

  • Release Date:
  • Book Size: 3 MB
  • Language: Marathi
  • Category: Bal Sahitya

  • 2018-06-03 16:50:29.0

    Shailesh Ahire


    World no 1 book

  • 2017-05-28 17:14:13.0

    yogesh gadekar

  • 2017-04-17 15:04:14.0

    ranjana bhojane



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